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Télécharger Urban Terror: Urban Terror: Excellent FPS tactique, version Urban Terror est un excellent FPS multijoueurs tactique disponible sous. Urban Terror est un FPS multijoueur en ligne qui propose des matchs équipe contre équipe très équipes vous sont donc proposées disposant. How to install. • Game installer/updater. • Full Game Download. • Update zip -> • Linux/command-line installer/updater. • How to auth in Urban Terror.

Nom: urban terror 4.3
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Système d’exploitation: iOS. Windows XP/7/10. MacOS. Android.
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Je recommande! Ce n'est pas que ce soit un vieux fps au graphique mini-modeste et irréaliste. Installation facile et très stable, rien de plus! There are different radio messages for males and females. In the example above, the load out would be as follows:. There are times when it will work to your advantage to use each different mode. Otherwise, you might find angry players boycotting your server! If the autoexec. Si vous obtenez une erreur, regardez les paramètres de configuration. Ici, le fun prime sur le réalisme. Système de jeu[ modifier modifier le code ] Urban Terror est un jeu de tir à la première personne où le joueur évolue dans un environnement 3D, dont l'objectif varie selon le mode de jeu. This information will be transmitted if you have it bound. While this may sound like the ultimate tool, the main drawback of tactical goggles is that it limits the width of your vision slightly, highlight both enemies and players and show everyone with the same color. Ce qui me désole le plus n'est pas tant le fait d'entendre autant de conneries sur ce fps. These can be thrown 30 meters by the average soldier. Mise à jour Il y a 6 mois. Urban Terror Un article de Vev. Étant un mod de Quake III Arena, le jeu en reprend de nombreuses caractéristiques, dont en premier lieu les mouvements très particuliers. C'est dans les vieux pots qu'on fait les meilleures soupes, Urban Terror le prouve en donnant au moteur de Quake 3 une seconde jeunesse

Urban Terror est un FPS multijoueur en ligne qui propose des matchs équipe contre équipe très équipes vous sont donc proposées disposant. How to install. • Game installer/updater. • Full Game Download. • Update zip -> • Linux/command-line installer/updater. • How to auth in Urban Terror. Urban Terror Télécharger - Urban Terror (Urban Terror) Peur sur la ville avec ce très bon FPS en ligne gratuit. 8/10 (25 votes) - Télécharger Urban Terror Gratuitement. Téléchargez Urban Terror et amusez-vous avec un jeu FPS réaliste. La stratégie et la physique du. Bonjour,un nouvelle version pour Urban Terror est disponible! Urban Terror 1 Pour Telecharger Urban Terror version complète.

Les dégâts sont également plutôt réalistes, un tir à la tête étant le plus souvent mortel, et les joueurs ayant la possibilité de saigner jusqu'à en mourir si les dommages sont trop importants ou qu'ils ne se soignent pas. Les joueurs ont également la possibilité de se soigner entre eux, le port du médikit permettant un soin plus complet et plus rapide. Enfin, le joueur dispose d'une barre de tonus, appelée stamina, qui décroît progressivement au fur et à mesure que le joueur sprinte ou saute.

La quantité de stamina disponible est limitée par le nombre de points de vie qu'il reste au joueur, et celui-ci doit pour la régénérer rester immobile ou marcher un certain temps. It is available for Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Urban Terror can be described as a Hollywood tactical shooter; somewhat realism based, but the motto is "fun over realism". This results in a very unique, enjoyable and addictive game.

No registration required: Download, install, play! Wikipedia : Urban Terror is a freeware multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by FrozenSand.

While the game engine is licensed under the open source GPL, Urban Terror's game code is closed source and its assets are freeware but not open content. History Urban Terror started out in as a planned map pack for Quake III Arena, in which real world environments would be featured. It expanded from this idea to a full total conversion featuring realistic weapons and gameplay similar to Action Quake 2. Development group Silicon Ice Development was formed in spring and was made of several international developers, many whom were familiar with modifying Quake III Engine games; hence progress was made quickly.

When its first version, beta 1. Urban Terror is under active and continued development, latest version 4. The realism in the mod is introduced through a number of changes: The number of weapons and other gear that can be carried is limited. Damage is also more realistic than in Quake III Arena, based on dividing the player target into discrete areas. Depending on the map being played, external environments are realistic and can include weather effects such as rain or snow.

Weather effects can also be controlled by game variables via administrator privileges. Urban Terror allows players to perform superhuman feats. Damage is a key example; while damage taken depends on the part of the body which is hit, one can keep going after receiving numerous hits. Further breaking from reality, Urban Terror also retains the movement speeds from Quake III Arena circle jumping which allowed players to move through the environment incredibly quickly and includes moves such as wall jumping and power sliding.

Wall jumping allows players to literally jump off of walls and helps the player to gain more height, distance and speed. Power sliding lets the player slide, rapidly, in a crouched position, maintaining speed.

These abilities have spawned a sub-community of players who focus on specially designed "jump maps" of which the goal is to reach the end of a series of difficult courses. Urban Terror 4. Weapons and equipment Players have one primary, one secondary, one side arm, and one grenade slot, in addition to three general equipment slots. Players must select at least one pistol, and one primary weapon. They are also automatically equipped with a Ka-bar knife, always by default.

The 'set' command tells Quake that you are defining a line of commands that will be grouped and executed under the name [scriptline].

Notice however, that every time you execute your script, the value attached to [nextscriptline] changes. Here's an example for a 3x - 6x zoom toggle: set nextzoomtoggle "vstr zoomtoggle1".

Bind key to execute dynamic variable: The last step is to bind a key to execute your new script. We learned the syntax in the first step, Simple Binds. The final line in the zoom toggle looks like: Here's an example for a 3x - 6x zoom toggle:. All this does is bind the key to execute the string of commands associated with [nextscriptline].

Here's what it looks like when it's all put together:. Any command that can be set to either "on" or "off", can be set up on a toggle. For example, you can set Always Run to either on 1 or off 0 , therefore I can create a toggle that lets me switch between always on or always off.

This has a couple of advantages:.

Urban Terror

Look through your configuration for variables that take either a 0 or 1 value. Those are the commands that can be set up on a toggle. This command can be used to clean up the autoexec. Basically, this is a file containing each script.

Having them in a separate file lets me share them with teammates, team comm binds for example, or pass along my favorite servers without having to send the entire autoexec. The other reason for this is config organization. If your configuration to too large, Quake III will have problems executing the whole thing.

Seperate configs set up as executables enable you to reduce the overall size of your primary autoexec. There are two possible errors. One of them happens when your script is too big. All scripts should stay under 16KB in size, to solve this problem break the script or scripts into smaller files which you can then execute by adding the following lines to your autoexec. If you have a lot of such sub scripts we advise you create a folder in which to store them, to keep your game directory fairly tidy.

This can be done by creating a new folder with the name of your choice we will name it "cfg" in our exemple in your q3ut4 folder. Now place all your sub scripts into this folder, the autoexec. Now add the following lines to your autoexec.


Another possible error is triggered when you have too many cvar strings active i. There are some ways around this with some creative scripting but that is beyond the scope of this manual. Most of these sites are no longer updated, but the information contained within can still be applied to Urban Terror.

If we can find him and retreive his files we will include those on the web site in the future. L'interface utilisateur a été entièrement revue et complètement réencodée. En utilisant les technologies de la dernière version de Quake 3 Team Arena d'ID Software, nous avons pu créer de superbes effets et ajouter plus de menus que ne comportait Team Arena.

L'interface utilisateur est scindée en deux parties, le menu d'accueil et le menu en jeu. Les deux peuvent être utilisées pour changer les commandes, les paramètres systèmes, les paramètres joueurs et autres variables. Vous trouverez dans les sous-chapitres suivants des images montrant à quoi ressemble ces deux parties et quelles sont l'utilité de chaques boutons.

Ci-dessous, une image de l'interface d'accueil, apparaissant ainsi à chaque fois qu'Urban Terror est chargé. Image:Ui mainmenu. Ci-dessous, une image de l'interface en jeu. Vous pouvez atteindre ce menu en pressant la touche Echap en jeu. Image:Ui ingamemenuoptions.

L'interface sera de nouveau joignable en jeu, afin de changer d'armes ou d'équipe, mais apparait de manière systématique lorsque vous rejoignez un serveur.

Vous pouvez navigué dans ces menus en appuyant sur la touche chiffre correspondant au chiffre affiché dans le bouton que vous souhaitez choisir. Ci-dessous deux images vous montrant à quoi ressemblent ces menus. Pour transporter d'avantage , vous devez abandonner vos grenades, équipements secondaires ou les deux. Image:Ui menusetupweapons. Trois options vous sont proposées, listées ci-dessous. Vous avez deux slots armes, l'arme principale 1 et la secondaire 2.

Cliquez sur l'une d'entre elles pour effectuer votre choix d'armes. Toutes les armes ne sont pas autorisées en arme principale. Vous devez porter une arme d'appoint et choisir parmis deux pistolets. Selon votre équipement, vous pouvez choisir entre des grenades explosives ou à fumées 4. Vous pouvez de plus transporter jusqu'à trois équipements 5, 6, 7 selon votre choix d'armes et grenades. Vous pouvez choisir l'apparance de votre joueur en jeu et dans le menu d'accueil.

A partir de ce menu, vous pouvez choisir l'apparance de votre joueur et sa couleur selon votre équipe. Image:Ui menusetupplayer. Ces deux méthodes vous font visualiser l'apparance de votre joueur en jeu. Pour changer d'apparance, faites défiler les îcones et cliquez pour confirmer votre choix.

Votre apparance changera conformément à votre choix. L'affichage des informations sur l'écran ou HUD contient des informations courantes telles que vos munitions, votre barre d'endurance, la détection des impacts et d'autres informations utiles en jeu. Ci-dessous une image décrivant l'utilité des composants du HUB. Image:Ui hud. La minimap est une vue aérienne affiché sur le HUD du niveau map actuellement joué.

Cela vous donnera un apercu du niveau joué, des passages, de la position des coéquipiers et des drapeaux en CTF. Image:Hud minimap. La minicarte est déplacé sur l'écran selon un sens anti-horaire, selon l'endroit ou vous souhaitez la placée. De même, vous pouvez changer la transparence et la taille de la minimap ou encore, la fermer. Image:Hud staminabar. This is located in the lower left corner of the HUD and will provides you a visual representation of your player and full stamina bar.

When you are shot, the hit detection model will flash on the corrosponding body part and your stamina bar will start to flash red. Once you start to bleed your overall health will start to be depleted.

Your remaining health, or stamina will be based on how quickly you are able to heal your wounds. The longer you go without healing the more health you loose. It plays to know your medics and use them. Your stamina bar will regenerate health are varying rates depending on your movement. If you are sprinting, strafe jumping or jumping in general will burn stamina. Any other movement will regenerate your health. The rate at which your stamina returns depends on your movement.

Standing or crouching will regenerate health the quicker than running. The team overlay allows you to view information relating to each team. This overlay is configurable in order to limit the amount of information that can be displayed.

There are four options available, including turning off the team overlay completely. If the team overlay CVAR is set to "1" you will see a list of players, back lit by their team color and the number of kill:deaths. This will also display who is still alive.

If this is set to "2" you will see only your team's information and the number of remaining enemy. If it is set to "3" you will only see the number of alive teammates and the number of alive enemy. Située dans le coin en bas à droite de l'écran, cette zone permet d'avoir accès aux informations relatives à l'armement.

LeelaBot, installation et configuration

En un coup d'oeil, vous pouvez voir votre arme sélectionnée et les nombres de munitions et chargeurs restants. Si vous n'utilisez pas toutes vos munitions avant de recharger, bien évidemment vous perdrez toutes celles restantes dans le chargeur.

A n'importe quel moment, vous pouvez récupérer des chargeurs par terre, le nombre indiqué évoluera alors en conséquence.

Le mini tableau de score est situé en haut à droite de l'écran. This option allows you to see the time remaining until the next respawn. This is mainly used for CTF. In order for the wave respawn timer to work, it must be enabled on the server. Instead of dying and having to sit out for an amount of time, the wave respawn timer is set by the server admin and gamers on each side respawn ogether, in a wave as opposed to individually.

While the main purpose of the crosshair allows you to aim your weapon at the enemy, it can also be used to acertain information from your teammates. When you place your crosshair over a teammate you can identify the individual and see their current health status.

When a player has been shot and injured, the green bar will be replaced with a red bar, showing their remaining health. This is a useful tool for medics and player alike. In a glance you can see who is injured and potentially heal them. Urban Terror features a unique system of icons that are displayed when switching weapons or items listed in your inventory. Opaque boxes are displayed in the lower, center of your HUD that presents easily identifiable items, along with the ability to see what you are currently carrying at a glance.

Below is an example image of how this looks in game. Image:Hud gearweaponinterface. The two primary features in the above image shows a player's current inventory. You can see the boxes of icons 1 that represent each piece of gear or a weapon in the player's inventory. The player above has the HK G36 selected and is scrolling through their inventory.

Once the bomb is selected, you cannot carry a weapon, it must be shouldered, in order to arm and plant the bomb. In Urban Terror, radio communication accommodates both advanced and new users with ease.


Depending on your personal preference you can either use the in game radio interface or you can bind specific radio commands to keys like other actions. Most users will bind the most commonly used radio commands to keys, while using the radio interface for less commonly used keys. Below are two images, with information below that on how the system works. Image:Ui radiointerface. Press a number key, or click the section you want with your mouse.

The second screen opens after you press a number key or make a selection. Here is where the actual radio commands are located. This menu operates identical to the first menu where both number key or mouse click play the radio command. To bind a key to play a specific message, use this example:. In the above example 'x' equals the key you press to play the sound, 'y' equals the menu number of the radio command and 'z' equals the sound file within that menu.

The menus and radio commands are numbered 1 to 9. The first menu in Radio Command Chart is 'Menu 1' or "Responses", so the number for a radio command within responses would '1'. This also means that inside the "Responses" menu the same rules apply. The first sound is "Affirmative", so that sound is designated 1.

So if we wanted to bind a key to play the sound "Enemy spotted", found in Menu 5 - Enemy Activity, we would type the following in the console:. While radio calls can be effective, combining a radio call with text and a string variable is possible. This bind, while a bit more advanced takes a radio call, displays the words "I need a medic" and also displays the remaining percentage of health string variable of the gamer.

This is just one example of how you can combine the different pieces in order to create unique radio calls. There are different radio messages for males and females. The meaning behind the messages is the same for both male and female, but the female voice will often say different things. A full listing of the radio commands for are found in the Radio Command Chart. The Urban Terror scoreboard is not readable at a glance, but provides important information such as status, player name, kills, deaths, ping and time.

The default key to show scores is TAB. Below is an image of the scoreboard. Image:Ui scoreboard.

There are two components to the Urban Terror scoreboard. The team header 1 shows which team red or blue the players are on, along with total players on that team, the team name currently showing Blue Team and the team score. Details include status, player name, kills, deaths, time and ping. The minimap can be used in both, team and free for all games. If used in a team play mode, like CTF or TS, then you will be able to see all your teammates who are alive. In CTF, you will also see the current positions of the maps.

In free for all games, all the player triangles are represented in yellow. Image:Hud minimap1. Pane two, shows a blue gamer who has grabbed the red flag and is making their way back to the blue flag. Finally, in pane three, we see a free for all game, as only a single, yellow triangle is represented. You can use this command in a script form or a straight bind. To bind it in a single command line drop into the console and type:.

If you want to use it in a script and get a bit fancy you can cut and paste this into your config file:. In this script, you can replace the 'x' key with whatever key you want to bind it to. When you get shot you start to bleed. The location in which you were hit and the number of times you were hit determines the amount of health you lose each second.


To stop yourself from bleeding you need to bandage your wounds. The second way to bandage your wounds is to have a teammate heal you. In order to promote teamwork it is possible to act as a medic and heal your teammate when their health drops to near fatal levels. To heal a teammate, walk up to your injured teammate, press the your bandage key and the player will rejuvenate health.

Ledge grabbing adds a vertical component to first person gaming. This feature allows a player to run, jump, and grab the ledge of any structure [for example, a building ledge or crate] within an Urban Terror level.


To perform the ledge grabbing maneuver run towards a structure and jump for the ledge. If you reach the edge of the structure, keep the jump key depressed and you will pull yourself up. The only limitation is, you must be able to reach the ledge, if not you will fall, injuring yourself or worse yet, kill yourself. Wall jumping adds another dimension to Urban Terror by applying physics allowing extra movement.

As you run or sprint towards a wall, you can jump into the wall and rebound off the wall, allowing for more stylized movement. This features opens up a whole new range of combat and movement skills. You cannot wall jump off short ledges or other gamers. To execute a power slide, you must increase your speed by sprinting or strafe jumping and while airborne, prior to hitting the ground press your crouch key. This will result in your player model landing on the ground in a crouch and sliding across the surface.

The higher your numbers, the better the powerslide. The minimum speed, is about , but the higher the number, the more effective powerslide you will get. You can view a video of powersliding, here. This is a feature that requires some good timing and skill in order to jump down, land on an opponent and "stomp" them to death.

Be careful, as you can g00mba stomp a teammate. This is also a feature that does not happen often during game play. You can view a demo of the "g00mba stomp" here. It's difficult to ambush the enemy if your laser sight is shining on a wall and giving away your position.

If it is in the second or third position, then you will have to cycle through your gear to get to it, then activate it. You can control the direction the doors open in Urban Terror. It takes some coordination and practice to master, but will stop players from camping in front of doors and holding them closed. Many of the Urban Terror weapons come with different firing modes, such as semi-automatic, full-automatic and burst mode.

There are times when it will work to your advantage to use each different mode. Remember to bind it in the menu. For weapon specific information see Section 7. Gamers are able to give more information to their teammates by using the string variables. There are nine variables that can be included in any "say" statement. This information will be transmitted if you have it bound.


The string variables include:. The result on screen would look like, " I have the flag!! Depending on how you load your character, you will be able to use a single or multiple items on our weapons. Not all weapons can use these specialty items. For example, the sniper rifles cannot use the laser sight because of their ability to zoom. The Desert Eagle and the SR-8 are not able to use the silencer. Make sure you know which items will work with the weapons you choose.

You can choose up to three items, depending on how many weapons you have chosen to equip yourself with, and whether or not you have grenades. Some items can be turned on and off.

You can bind any key to turn items on and off in the controls Miscellaneous menu Press escape, click controls, click the misc button, click on "use item" and then press the key you want to bind.

You can also drop your gear and weapons, by binding the corresponding key by selecting and dropping the item. Each weapon is assigned an identification number.

Clubic vous recommande

Based on this number you could bind each weapon to a corresponding key. These weapon id numbers are more important when working with scripts. Here is a chart that will help clarify:. Since gamers had issues in the past with their weapon modes, here is a simple fix to make sure they stay on the settings you designate.

Once that cvar is set you can manually modify the settings based on the chart above. An example of the cvar in your config will look like this:.

There are 16 individual digits, either a 0, 1 or 2 that correspond to the weapon mode. In the example above, the first digit is a '0', that is the boover boots, do not change it. The second digit, a '1' is the knife, it will default to throw mode when you start, if you change it to a '0' in your config, then you will start with the knife in slash mode. The cvar above has the HK69 set to long range, the knife set to throw and all the weapons set to full automatic fire. There are a few different ways in which to approach weapon binds.

For example lets say we want to select the SPAS 12, to do this we would use the below line:. Now this can be taken a step further by creating a string of weapon commands. How this works is the game reads through the string. Now it is worth noting that when you press the button you will first select the primary class weapon, and on the second press the secondary class weapon. Now, should you already have the primary class weapon selected like when you spawn it will then switch to the secondary class upon the key being pressed.

If you have more than one item, you can select the item using next item and previous item keys, which are also bound in the misc menu. If you want to get rid of an item, you can drop it by pressing the drop item key. The drop item key, like all the other item keys, can be bound in the miscellaneous controls menu. There are two kinds of grenades you can use in Urban Terror: smoke and high explosive grenades.

All types of grenades can be thrown. To throw a grenade, select grenades as your current weapon and press the fire button which can be configured through the in-game menus.. In Urban Terror, the grenades are thrown using an 'instant arm' system. Instant arm primes the grenade as soon as you pull the pin on the grenade to throw, so you can hold onto it a bit longer, but you will have less time to get away.

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